Vina Manpower is being run by professionals and extremely skilled work force. Hereby is the board of directors under the chairmanship of Vina Manpower that set the course of the company and ensures that its credibility, reputation and profitability that has witnessed rapid growth in its past 10 years, not only remain intact but new ideas and new concepts take a definite shape so that the company could keep pace with the changing business environment and continue to be the leader in its field.

The Board consists of:

Dr. Pham Quoc Tri

Chairman and Corporate Advisor

Dr. Pham Quoc Tri, Chairman and Corporate Advisor of Vietnam Manpower Management & Development JSC (VINA MANPOWER), is a professional consultant in Human Resource Development and Corporate Strategy. He is also the former Managing Director of Hanoi Group of Construction Companies in charge of Human Resource, Science and Technology Development. He was the Founder and Chairman of the Vina Manpower since 2004.He has a combined experiences of global manpower and human resource management for more than 25 years. With his innovative and enterprising personality, he and 38 associated companies have expanded Vina Manpower business in Vietnam and Overseas

MBA. Mr Brian Vu

General Director

Mr. Brian Vu is General Director & Co-founder of Vietnam Manpower Management & Development JSC (VINA MANPOWER) since 2004. He is in charge of managing and monitoring the company’s activities to ensure that the company will develop in the right direction and comply with Laws of Vietnam Ministry of Labor and Foreign Labor Law. He is a financial expert and also a talented workforce management. He has managed several joint ventures with foreign investment and large corporations in Vietnam. Mr Brian Vu is the modern leader with more than 15 year working experience in Human Resources Administration, he has always been our pride. He has created jobs for thousands of candidates yearly and contributes to change their life. His goal is to find more and more opportunities for Vietnamese labors to enrich themselves and turns our services into the branded company in Vietnam and the Globally!

MBA. Mr Vu Manh Cuong

HR Manager

Mr. Cuong is Human Resources Manager & Co-founder of VINA MANPOWER JSC. He is in charge of maintaining the Data-Center and workforces from provinces with over 10 years experience in recruitment services. He always thinks that “Candidates are the most valuable assets of our company.” His job is responsible for finding and supplying enough the number of candidates when necessary. Besides, he coordinates with Oversea Marketing Manager to assist General Director and to look for the best markets for candidates to fit their desires and assist Clients to recruit “the right candidates for the right position”. He is also responsible for solving and answering all relevant problems and questions from Labors. His target is to create a plenty of labor sources to supply as needed, makes sure the Client’s recruiting campaign is processed on schedule.

MBA. Ms Jenny Nguyen

Overseas Development Manager

Ms Jenny is an Overseas Development Manager & Co-Founder of Vina Manpower. She started her professional career as An Oversea Marketing Officer for a Recruitment Company. With her accumulated experience and knowledge in this field, she got promoted by Chairman since early last 3 years and now officially becomes one of the most important people in the company.
She plays the most significant role in finding and orientating the global markets for the company. With over 5 year experience working with clients from different countries, she creates a good impression to the clients. She also builds a Marketing system for the company and gains a lot of achievements. She works with one hundred percent to show her ability and contributes the ideas to develop the company.

MBA. Nguyen Ngoc Quang

Training Manager

Mr Quang is Training Manager of Vina Manpower. He started with training job in some colleges for more than 15 years in Vietnam. He has a wealth of knowledge within the recruitment industry, having commenced his career in 2007 with Vina Manpower as Training Manager for our own training schools and co-operate training.
Mr Quang is responsible for directly teaching and training the selected candidates and co-operate Vocational training schools after the recruitment process ends. His aim is to bring to clients the best candidates and meet working environment conditions in overseas. He also plays an important role in give inspirations to candidates on learning and working such as language, working skills, working spirit, etc. He says, “Clients will come back to us if our candidates meet their requirements. I am always hoping that.”

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