1. Evaluation of client’s need and Source

On receipt of recruitment authority, Vietnam Manpower Company- “VinaManpower” carries out the evaluation of client’s need to identify the job description of each vacancy. Then, we publish an advertisement in the local, national newspapers, Television, our Vocational Training Systems and our local sub-recruitment agencies to collect application of interested and qualified people. The collected applications are screened and some are chosen to take the preliminary Interview by “VinaManpower”’s staffs for a short listing. Although we maintain an up-to-date bank of potential candidates with full information about their skill, trade qualification and experience, the advertisement is still required to give the other prospective candidates to fill in the post.

2. Interview and Trade Test by Client

After having a quite large number of shortlisted candidates, we arrange the time for employer or client’s representative to come to Vietnam for the Interview and trade test. Normally, the test will be consisted of two parts: theory part for basic and background knowledge and practical test for skill and qualification. Candidates will be tested by the employer’s representative to choose the right ones. Arrangement for testing will be conducted by “VinaManpower”.

3. Follow-up progress:

3.1. Medical checkup:

After final selection, we send the workers/ candidates for medical checkup at the authorized medical centers by the respective embassies of the country of employment

3.2. Passport and criminal recorded

The workers will be taken to make a new passport or extended the date of passport expired.

Some employers who need the document with criminal recorded, so Vietnam Manpower helps them to prepare the entire document needed

3.3. Further Training

Employees passing the test or interview will be trained for further knowledge and skill to meet the standard qualification. The training programs include the languages training, skill improvement and orientation program with information about their duties and responsibilities while abroad and first-hand information of working environment and living conditions in the host country as well as salient features of labor laws of the country of employment

3.4. Application for visa

Visa application will be submitted to the respective embassies of host countries on basis of block visas/ working permission obtained by the employers.

4. Ticketing and Emigration

The employer may send PTA or transfer necessary travelling expenses in favor of Manpower Supplier in order to facilitate travelling as scheduled. We will obtain Emigration Clearance from the concerned Government Department for the candidates.

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