VinaManpower dedicates itself to delivering a high level of competency, professionalism and satisfaction – maintaining industry leadership while continuously improving clients and applicants relationship and sustaining a collaborative relationship with and among the Vietnam government and foreign principals.

Our Vision

At VinaManpower, our vision is to fulfil the manpower needs of our clients by offering them right people for the right job and to offer the career development opportunities to the potential candidates from all over the world. We also believe in strictly following all rules & regulations and guidelines set by the Government of Socialist Republic of Vietnam & Foreign Principals.

Our Mission

– Our mission is to enhance our global presence and to become the leader in providing quality manpower services by offering high quality and skilled manpower at a competitive price.

– As one of the most trusted names in Manpower Supply Industry and active player in the Overseas Placement of Vietnam, VinaManpower has to:

+ Recruit and include qualified applicants into its manpower database pooled by its main office based in Hanoi city.

+ Systematically and efficiently pre-qualify and shortlist applicants then forward them to foreign principals and employers eliminating in the process unnecessary delay and guaranteeing prompt hiring and deployment to jobs abroad.

+ Maintain good and harmonious relations with foreign principals, brokers and employers and ensuring maximum employment benefits to the Vietnamese Workers, not only in terms of salary but also other non-wage considerations. In furtherance thereof, undertake research and development studies, initiatives, strengthen linkages with the objective of attaining the success of these goals.

+ Conduct post-development and/or on-site support services to ensure the welfare and well-being of the deployed Vietnam Workers in their workplace and the faithful compliance by employers of their obligations embodied in the employment contracts as well as provide prompt support and assistance to distressed Vietnamese Workers deployed, including repatriation caused by events beyond the control of the Vietnam Workers and for causes provided by law.

Some of our customers

Some of our customers

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